Fens Forests and Fields - Discovering the unique landscapes and stories of the Land of the Fanns

Collaborative publication with Ken Worpole, Ali Pretty and Kinetika, with the Land of the Fanns team, designed by This Side, published by Thames Chase Trust, 2021
The Land of the Fanns is a complex landscape, fragmented by roads, rail and industry crossing over the London and Essex border. This divided land has meant that although communities are attached to their own part of the landscape, it has not been seen, or celebrated, as a whole. This book is a collection of personal stories from the Land of the Fanns area in words, illustrated flags and photographs. It is made up of three parts: an essay about the recent past by Ken Worpole, one hundred illustrated flags and stories produced by Kinetika, under the direction of Ali Pretty, during a five year community mapping project, and the final chapter exploring possible futures for the area through photographs and conversations I had with eleven people whose work is intricately linked to the communities and landscapes of the Fanns.

Publication is available at Thames Chase Trust

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