Deep mapping/ through different eyes 

Workshops, ongoing

Top: Workshop with primary school children on Ridley Road Market, Hackney. Presentation and workshop with BA architecture students of the University of East London 

Middle: Workshops in co-operation with Interaction Leipzig, Germany, with Josephine Kremberg and Gazmend (Joy) Nure, Jan Heidtmann, Maxi Ziegler, Raisan Hameed, Robert Kunstmann, Sabrina Asche, Zaroon Mohammad 

Bottom: Workshops with paula roush and BA photography studetns of the London Southbank University. Deep mapping workshop with BA Fine Art students at Goldsmith University, London
I have been facilitating workshops with cultural organisations, charities and universities since 2015. With a focus on documentary and street photography, we have used Augusto Boal's 'Theater of the Oppressed’ methods to share and transform personal experienecs of public life in the city into visual narratives. Together with paula roush, I have been developing ‘deep mapping’ approaches in the context of the Lower Lea Valley. Through photography, printmaking, drawing, writing, dialogue, and listening, ‘deep mapping’ offers learning from a place in a relational and embodied way, responding to the ecologies and communities within it, transforming colonial ways of seeing, and learning to sense landscape as a living organism. These methodes have been informed by Brett Bloom & Nuno Sacramento’s research; their writing proposes methods to decolonise our understanding of the places we inhabit and learn to respond to the ‘needs and desires’ of the earth, marginalised communities, devastated landscapes, urban, social, ecological and spiritual spaces.

‘Follow y/our river: a manual for deep mapping in the Lower Lea Valley,’ is a guide that paula roush and I created for the Photography program at London South Bank University. Students were invited to conduct fieldwork in the Lower Lea Valley using transdisciplinary approaches such as photographic, geographical, ecological, and experiential methods.
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